August 10, 2020

Activate Your Soul Plan! Angel Answers & Actions pdf

Activate Your Soul Plan! Angel Answers & Actions  pdf

Title: Activate Your Soul Plan! Angel Answers & Actions pdf

Author: Phillip Elton Collins

Genre: Spirituality


Activate Your Soul Plan! Angel Answers & Actions pdf

Whether you believe angels exist and that we can talk to them really does not matter. What matters is that we know we are loved and are capable of being loved because we came from love. If you can receive this truth, then you may support the idea that these loving forces from whence we came are still here assisting us. This concept is how humanity initially created the idea and knowledge of angels.,What matters about this book is not from where or whom the messages came, but what is being said. Even if you think I made it all up, that’s OK (it’s just the angel in me). Use your own resonance and discernment, your freedom of choice and will, and see if any of what is being said here can support you. Ask yourself: What is the intention of this endeavor? Is it to help or deceive? What does it feel like?,It’s not necessary, but if you are able to connect with the energy/consciousness from a higher realm and know that what is being said in this book is in love and support of us, good for you, but again, it’s not essential. The higher-realm forces that love and support us don’t need us to believe whether they exist. They are going to love and support us no matter what.,Throughout human history, major revelations of knowledge and wisdom arrived to guide our advancement. Where did these ideas/concepts come from? Were they from a human mind? Is there wisdom and consciousness outside the human mind that has been guiding us all along? The great challenge for humanity is to accept that there is an intelligence outside ourselves loving and sup- porting us—call it angels, God, Source, ALL THERE IS.,We are all born with a divine soul plan (our purpose/reason in being here, why we came here).,All the wisdom, tools, and messages in this endeavor are intended to help you activate your soul plan. This will bring you great joy and help create a world of equality, harmony, and balance through your talents and gifts. Are you ready to activate? Here’s to the angels who are helping us.


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