August 14, 2020

Can You Eat, Shoot & Leave? (Workbook) pdf

Can You Eat, Shoot & Leave? (Workbook)  pdf

Title: Can You Eat, Shoot & Leave? (Workbook) pdf

Author: Clare Dignall,

Genre: Nonfiction,Writing,Books About Books

Pages: 162 pages

Can You Eat, Shoot & Leave? (Workbook) pdf

The punctuation workout for sticklers and rookies alike.,The punctuation panda is back!,Armed with a permanent marker, a smidgen of confidence, and a copy of ‘Can You Eat, Shoot and Leave?’, everyone now has the chance to become a member of the punctuation elite.,Established punctuation sticklers:,Fine-tune existing skills, taking guilty pleasure from testing your (already somewhat unsettling) seventh sense.,Confused novices:,Never again inflict flawed and perplexing punctuation on your innocent readers.,The only official workbook for the international bestseller ‘Eats, Shoots and Leaves.’,• Introductory Cosmo-style questionnaire helps readers identify their level of punctuation prowess.,• Mirrors the structure and light-hearted style of Lynne Truss’s hugely popular ‘Eats, Shoots and Leaves’. Topics include apostrophes, commas, colons and semicolons, hyphens and more.,• Each chapter concentrates on one particular punctuation mark. Origin, usage rules and their exceptions introduce the entertaining activities which have a ‘challenge-yourself’ format.,• The bite-sized exercises in each chapter and longer texts in ‘The Final Challenge’ put punctuation skills to the test.,• Specially designed for Kindle, with clear text throughout.


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