August 12, 2020

Death of a Scavenger pdf

Death of a Scavenger  pdf

Title: Death of a Scavenger pdf

Author: Karin Kaufman

Genre: Mystery,Cozy Mystery,Mystery

Pages: 137 pages

Death of a Scavenger pdf

More than a few people in Juniper Grove want Maureen Nicholson dead, so when her body turns up during Juniper Grove’s annual October scavenger hunt, there’s no shortage of suspects or motives. But when suspicion for the murder falls on Rachel Stowe’s friend Holly, baker extraordinaire, Rachel must get to the bottom of the mystery.,Convinced there’s no romance in her future with the town’s police chief, Rachel dives headlong into the case, ignoring his disapproval and risking her own safety. But will she uncover the truth before the killer claims another victim?,Juniper Grove Mystery Series:,Book 1: Death of a Dead Man,Book 2: Death of a Scavenger


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