August 10, 2020

Desert Rose pdf

Desert Rose  pdf

Title: Desert Rose pdf

Author: Tamuna Tsertsvadze


Pages: 34 pages

Desert Rose pdf

How does it feel to lose your friend at a very early age, and reunite with him only after ten years..? Raised in different nations, different cultures, with different beliefs and concerns…,But still, friendship may prevail… If it’s pure… who knows?,–,Orchidea and Roziel are from different countries – Endon and Alib – which are at war. However, the children are each other’s best friends.,But soon Roziel is named a prophet of his country and taken to a monastery far from country borders. Orchidea gifts him a blooming red rose from her garden, knowing that in the desert where the boy lives there are no flowers, but this one will bloom forever because it keeps her feelings of friendship and love within. The boy gratefully takes the gift and departs.,Only after many years when Orchidea is sent to Alib as a slave, she meets her old friend again… But the times have changed… She’s a slave and he’s a high-ranked monk… How will they perceive and accept each other after so many years?


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