August 10, 2020

Desolate Terrain pdf

Desolate Terrain  pdf

Title: Desolate Terrain pdf

Author: Mila A. Ballentine


Pages: 282 pages

Desolate Terrain pdf

Living in the quiet town of Chesapeake, Nevada had a way of making residents feel safe. Sadly, an atmosphere that took years to build is shattered overnight and their beloved town is thrown into the spotlight. Deputy Constance Stone and Sheriff Harper Collins are entrusted with the task of resolving the matter and together they set out to solve a crime. The situation deteriorates when a series of crimes, including murder, rock the town. Opportunities unfold for Constance, but it could not come at a worse time. She teams up with an unlikely ally. Despite their differences, the pair combine their skills and their partnership aids in Constance’s pursuit to uncover the criminals responsible for terrorizing their picturesque town.


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