August 14, 2020

Face-Mum pdf

Face-Mum  pdf

Title: Face-Mum pdf

Author: Russell King



Face-Mum pdf

“An important book about the challenges and opportunities presented to young people by our online world.”,VIC GODDARD, PRINCIPAL OF PASSMORES ACADEMY AND STAR OF EDUCATING ESSEX,,”A great book: funny, sad and poignant.”,STEPHEN DREW, HEADTEACHER OF BRENTWOOD COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL AND STAR OF MR DREW’S SCHOOL FOR BOYS.,,When Michael’s mum disappears to the other side of the world without warning, his life is thrown into chaos. She keeps in contact through a social media account but having a mum who only seems to exist online is simply not enough.,So, when his parents begin to get caught up in their own lies, Michael decides to take a deadly risk and agrees to meet the stranger who may hold the key to unlocking his family’s mysteries…but at what cost?,And will he be able to ever again face mum?


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