August 10, 2020

Feather of Hawk pdf

Feather of Hawk  pdf

Title: Feather of Hawk pdf

Author: Dave Michael

Genre: Fiction,Historical,Historical Fiction,Historical

Pages: 185 pages

Feather of Hawk pdf

In ancient Scotland, a once peaceful land is suddenly shattered by a ruthless, unstoppable enemy. Roman armies launch a crushing invasion, killing and destroying with impunity as they push north. For Calach the Swordsman, this will come to be the defining moment in his life. Standing alone, against the brutality of the invader, he defies the might of the Roman Empire with nothing but his own cunning and small group of the dispossessed. Together they lead a rebellion to free their land from the grip of a monster that cares little for their way of life and has seldom known defeat. A momentous battle is approaching for Calach and for all Caledonia. Driven by a ruthless desire for revenge, Calach must become as pitiless as the invader. But what will he have to sacrifice? Does he have what it takes to win? And will his victory make him no better than the vile beast he seeks to destroy? ,Could the Feather of Hawk, a gift from a mysterious warrior woman, offer a way forward in a world where blood and tears are sacrificed on the altar of war?


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