August 12, 2020

Forever Hostage pdf

Forever Hostage  pdf

Title: Forever Hostage pdf

Author: Jenny Ren


Pages: 190 pages

Forever Hostage pdf

At a time when border raiding was rife between Scotland and England, Sir Nicholas Brede and his men follow orders to raid a keep in Scotland, to take prisoners of the occupants, but when they find an unknown English beauty hidden there who stirs Nicholas’s desires and his heart; he must unravel the mystery that surrounds her to save her life and ultimately, claim her for his own. Angered frequently by her strong will and determination while tormented and frustrated by the intense hunger she arouses in him, he keeps her as his hostage, determined to tame her.,But Roanne, a victim of a violent past, finds herself frustrated, confused, and angry at the man who threatens the emotional barrier she has erected around herself. With immeasurable experience of men’s lusts and brutality, she is as unknowledgeable and vulnerable as a child when it comes to passion and awakening desires and finds herself at a loss, not understanding the game that they play. ,Can this man, who torments her waking thoughts and fills her with love along with his seed, be trusted with her heart?


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