August 14, 2020

High School Society of One pdf

High School Society of One  pdf

Title: High School Society of One pdf

Author: Antranig Dereyan


Pages: 326 pages

High School Society of One pdf

On the surface high school is a building for education, where young minds go to continue their growth, but in actuality it is a social wasteland–not everyone will survive.,Follow Sevag Hopefulian as he steps out of middle school Special Education and into a tumultuous start to high school where he quickly establishes himself as class rebel. ,His darkly witty narration of the gritty day-to-day reality of high school is like a descent into Hell illuminates as he struggles with the kids who have bullied him for years, but stumbles into a sideways acceptance by the Cool Kids. ,His comedy of errors escapades as he sleeps through, cuts and disrespects his classes intensify as he not only dates the Cool Kids’ “Virgin” Mary, but manages to fall into an after school job as an apprentice drug dealer and a college-aged girlfriend in New York City. ,Sevag’s own drug experiments take him into dangerous territory with some serious side effects. ,Welcome to the jungle.


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