August 10, 2020

Iguana Love pdf

Iguana Love  pdf

Title: Iguana Love pdf

Author: Vicki Hendricks


Pages: 192 pages

Iguana Love pdf

Separated from her husband, attractive and perverse Ramona Romano is a thrill-seeking redhead addicted to adventure. She soon finds scuba diving and body-building insufficiently exciting. So she uses her strength to dominate man after man, testing herself as a lover, as well as a sportsperson. She wants perfection and insists on being in control, regardless of the price. But there’s one man who matches her in coolness and detachment, one man who can make her do anything he wants and then beg for more. Enzo. Her most tantalising challenge, her obsession and the man who lures her into a dark world of heroin and murder.


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