August 10, 2020

Me She Her: A Women’s Journal for Becoming pdf

Me She Her: A Women's Journal for Becoming  pdf

Title: Me She Her: A Women’s Journal for Becoming pdf

Author: Keisha Law



Me She Her: A Women’s Journal for Becoming pdf

Me She Her A Women’s Journal for Becoming is a journal created to usher God’s daughters into their next level. It encourages women to remember one another. In Me She Her: A Women’s Journal for Becoming, Author Keisha Law shares how important it is for women to be themselves. She shares that when women choose to live behind the mask, when they have not forgiven themselves or others for past pains and hurts, it blocks their potential to be all that God has created them to be. “When you take off the mask, it is deciding to allow the real authentic you to shine in the light of God’s love.” ,Law reminds women that they must always remember that God has a plan for them and just when they have gotten past their pain, the enemy will try to destroy the plan by planting bombs. Law, candidly tells how the villain and his bombs are strategically placed in your life to cause you to thwart the plans of God. ,Law shares how it is important for women to understand that they need each other; that they are one another’s keepers and should always declare, “Girl, I Got You,” when it comes to being there for their sisters. This book is sure to bring awareness and close the gaps that the enemy has planted between sisters in the faith and in love.


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