August 10, 2020

Meaner Things pdf

Meaner Things  pdf

Title: Meaner Things pdf

Author: David Anderson

Genre: Thriller,Mystery Thriller,Romance,Contemporary Romance

Pages: 283 pages

Meaner Things pdf

Emma ran out on Michael ten years ago when they were university students. Since then, their lives have taken very different paths: hers to a luxurious lifestyle and international big business; his to a tiny bachelor suite and a succession of dead-end jobs. Now Emma has reappeared in Mike’s life and needs his help to bring down a very powerful, very bad man – her husband.,As Emma discovered a decade ago, Mike has one outstanding skill, namely the ability to plan and execute even the most difficult heist. Mike reluctantly agrees to reboot these shady talents, this time for a righteous cause. In the process he finds new purpose filling his previously empty life. With the help of Charlie, an old friend and master of gadgetry, Mike begins to infiltrate the target building, a seemingly impregnable downtown Vancouver high-rise.,But despite falling in love with Emma all over again Mike is still unsure if he can depend on her. Will she let him down once more? Should he heed Charlie’s misgivings about her? Can the co-conspirators trust each other long enough to pull off a heist so complex and dangerous it makes ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ look like a walk in the park?,The fate of them all hangs in the balance…,’Meaner Things’ is a brilliantly plotted mystery story.


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