August 12, 2020

Minor Gods pdf

Minor Gods  pdf

Title: Minor Gods pdf

Author: A.M. Yates

Genre: Fantasy,Young Adult,Fantasy,Paranormal,Romance,Paranormal Romance


Minor Gods pdf

SHE WAS THE CHOSEN ONE… UNTIL SHE WASN’T.,Josie Day has spent her life training to lead the Core—summoners who use ancient masks to channel the elemental powers of the gods.,But then her mother is murdered by a mysterious Earth Goddess. And the power meant to be Josie’s passes to her sister instead. Worse, the Earth Goddess escapes. ,Now, Josie must prepare her sister to lead the fractious Core. Except her sister would rather be hanging at the mall with her too-perfect boyfriend. And, in truth, Josie would rather be hunting down the Goddess.,When the Goddess returns and attacks, a shadowy Fire God comes to the rescue. But until Josie knows who is behind the mask, she isn’t sure she wants his help or the heat igniting between them. ,With the Goddess plotting a war against humanity, Josie has to accept what she’s lost if she’s going to save what she has left.


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