August 12, 2020

Rescue Me pdf

Rescue Me  pdf

Title: Rescue Me pdf

Author: Kasey O’Grady



Rescue Me pdf

When Hayley’s husband passes away she is left distraught and pregnant. The baby becomes her only life. Her friends and family can see that Hayley’s light is slowly dieing and they set out to find her a new man. Even her boss Frank has been pushing her towards guys in the restaurant but nobody seems to create that spark back in Hayley’s life. That is until a few years later a new man in town, Noah, comes along. He takes an interest in Hayley and begins to rock the boat. Will Hayley let him make her happy, bring her life out of the darkness and loneliness that now holds her heart captive or will she continue to be alone and cry at night for the man that passed away so long ago.


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