August 12, 2020

So Far Gone, Girl: A Parody pdf

So Far Gone, Girl: A Parody  pdf

Title: So Far Gone, Girl: A Parody pdf

Author: Luke Young

Genre: Humor,Fiction,Humor,Comedy

Pages: 220 pages

So Far Gone, Girl: A Parody pdf

You’ve read the book or seen the movie— now experience, SO FAR GONE, GIRL, the hilarious parody of GONE GIRL, the most intense and acclaimed thriller of the decade.,Marriage can be a real nightmare; especially when your wife is a sociopath, who’s either trying to kill you, frame you for her disappearance or maybe even both. Supported by his sister whose own behavior is inappropriate at best, a pair of lunatic detectives and in-laws with questionable motives, Rick Dunce tries to navigate the tricky waters of exactly how one should act when the woman he absolutely can’t stand disappears without a trace. ,If this Husband-of-the-Year is truly responsible, did he act in self-defense or did one too many bizarre quiz questions or inane treasure hunt clues finally push him over the edge? Whether Winnie is missing, dead or just hiding out, the only thing that’s certain is she’s so far gone that it’s not even funny— except that it is. ,A parody of, Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn’s acclaimed and runaway bestselling masterpiece, So Far Gone, Girl, will leave you doubled over with laughter, gasping for breath and checking to see if your own ottoman can really balance on its side like that.


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