August 13, 2020

Soundless: Tobey Tyson Book 1 (Superhero Series) pdf

Soundless: Tobey Tyson Book 1 (Superhero Series)  pdf

Title: Soundless: Tobey Tyson Book 1 (Superhero Series) pdf

Author: Abdulrahman Ahmed Altheeb


Pages: 113 pages

Soundless: Tobey Tyson Book 1 (Superhero Series) pdf

In the streets of silence and during a time of isolation, Tobey Tyson, a disabled high school student, decides to be the difference between what was and what should be. He stands up in the face of organized crime to defend a girl who he does not know which almost costs him his life.,After a hit and run leaves him in a coma, an inexplicable recovery not only restores his missing sense, but enhances him in ways he must work to discover.,Not only is everyone at school talking about him as the teen superhero, but he is back on the gang’s radar.,The mystery girl keeps appearing in his mind and around him.,With the gang just a step behind him and his family, Tobey searches for answers that can bring a stop to all of this. Can he get away quietly or must he embrace his powers and stand up to the gang again to stop the crime?


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