August 13, 2020

Sunday pdf

Sunday  pdf

Title: Sunday pdf

Author: Rita Pam Tarachi



Sunday pdf

Sundays are fast becoming a day of impending doom. Will the hours of Sunday continue to be hallowed as the Lord’s Day or will the harrowing abductions sully the sanctity of the day?,,The locals of Perfection town are plagued by a series of events that occur in November and December. As a child goes missing every Sunday, the community is plunged deeper into darkness. Each kidnapping leaves a stain on the festive season and wounds the hearts of loved ones. Desperation hits the small town as more families become victims and parents go out in search of their children, only to be confronted with their dark pasts. The one who exposes their secrets is the one who holds their children captive. And this person is only driven by one desire; all that is spoken in the dark will be heard in the light. To their shock and horror, the residents come face to face with an unexpected foe; someone who they never suspected. This one encounter transforms their lives forever.,,When the veil of righteousness is lifted, they come to realize that Sundays are nothing more than a ritual if their lives are filled with hypocrisy. Beneath the unholy trinity of lies, deceit and hypocrisy, they are rotting.,,”Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her” [John 8.7]


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