August 13, 2020

Sylvie Asleton and the Coven of Glass pdf

Sylvie Asleton and the Coven of Glass  pdf

Title: Sylvie Asleton and the Coven of Glass pdf

Author: James T. Callum

Genre: Fantasy,Urban Fantasy,Fantasy,Paranormal,Witches

Pages: 642 pages

Sylvie Asleton and the Coven of Glass pdf

A Curse threatening to break free. A deadly rivalry between Covens. An eldritch monster hunting students. ,Sylvie Asleton must prove herself worthy, or lose magic forever and with it all hope for survival. ,Even with the threat of expulsion and being treated like an outcast, Sylvie refuses to give up her dream of learning magic. ,After a brush with tragedy, she realizes being a Witness comes at a steep price. And anyone who allies with her is put in the treacherous crosshairs of monster and Magi alike. ,Sylvie needs to rely on her Coven and a hefty dose of luck if she’s going to catch a monster, or there won’t be a Brookmoors to be kicked out of. ,Coven of Glass is the riveting second installment in the Brookmoors Magi series, a dark urban fantasy with a deep magic system set in a hidden world rife with supernatural creatures, fantastical vistas, and ancient structures with a mind of their own.


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