August 12, 2020

The Art of Listening pdf

The Art of Listening  pdf

Title: The Art of Listening pdf

Author: Erich Fromm,

Genre: Psychology,Nonfiction,Philosophy,Self Help

Pages: 204 pages

The Art of Listening pdf

Although Erich Fromm intended to publish his work as a practicing psychotherapist, these plans were never realized in his lifetime. This volume fulfills his wish. Not intended as a textbook about psychoanalytic therapy, these reflections provide welcome new information about Fromm the therapist and the way he dealt with the psychological suffering of his patients. As Fromm envisioned, each chapter is structured to capture the informality and intimacy of his psychoanalytic work so that readers get a new and different sense of Fromm’s humanism, honesty and insight. These talks and seminars, given by Fromm between 1964 and his death in 1980, deal with the issues between analyst and analysand that go to the heart of the psychoanalytic process. For Fromm, the analyst is his or her own next patient, as the patient becomes his or her analyst.


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