August 12, 2020

Unforgivable II pdf

Unforgivable II  pdf

Title: Unforgivable II pdf

Author: James Fuller,

Genre: Horror

Pages: 74 pages

Unforgivable II pdf

Plagued by her cruel past and half a lifetime on the run, Sofia Willms sets out to claim the vengeance for her slain family and her lost innocence…,With the tragic death of her father, Sofia sets out to extract a past due vengeance upon the King of Faer-Tri, who marked them for an undeserved death for crimes against the status quo.,Sofia struggles against succumbing to the hellish nightmares that plague her mind while she sleeps. Only a rare, outlawed drug found within her father’s possessions offers her sleeping mind peace. To acquire more she must work with the gypsies, who themselves are embroiled in a war with the merchants guild of Delmar City.,With a mind, body and soul near its breaking point Sofia finds herself trapped within a decade long feud – her only true alliance is to the peace she prays to know, when the king lies dead at her feet…


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